Graduating from our Security Guard Training Program at Academie IGS, one of the select institutions offering guard training in both Montreal and Laval, opens up a vast array of career opportunities for you. Our alumni have successfully transitioned into roles within corporate security, event security, and loss prevention, showcasing the diverse opportunities beyond traditional security roles.

When considering potential work locations, the possibilities extend far beyond mall security. Here are examples of where our certified graduates can find rewarding positions:

  • Banking Security: Across Montreal, Laval, Brossard, and beyond, banks require skilled security personnel to ensure the safety and security of their operations and clients.
  • Hotel Security: Whether it’s prestigious hotels like Hilton or Sofitel, there’s a plethora of opportunities in Montreal for those looking to secure a position in hotel security.
  • Airport Security: With YUL airport hosting restaurants, hotels, and more, there’s a significant need for security professionals to maintain order and safety on the premises.
  • Carrefour Laval Security: As one of the largest and most esteemed malls, Carrefour Laval offers unique opportunities for security guards, particularly those trained by Academie IGS.
  • Museum Security: Museums such as the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Montreal require security guards to protect valuable artifacts and rare pieces of art.
  • Event and Celebrity Security: There’s also the exciting possibility of working at major events or for high-profile individuals. From providing security at the Olympic Stadium and Formula 1 races to major festivals like Osheaga or even IleSoniq, and perhaps even for celebrities like Justin Bieber, the options are vast.

Ultimately, the Greater Montreal Area offers numerous possibilities for security jobs, each with its unique challenges and rewards. With a certification from Academie IGS, you’re well-equipped to explore these diverse opportunities in the security field.

Possible workplaces

I.G.S. patrol vehicle and security car.Our security agents from L’Académie IGS in Montreal find a wide range of opportunities in the market, from bodyguards to hospital or airport security agents. Montreal’s shopping malls, construction sites and industrial enterprises are also prime locations for our trained agents, equipped to manage security and conflict effectively.

Security agent training at the IGS Academy security school enables our students to become security agents or guards. Security guards can work in a variety of public and private security sectors, including..:

  • Licensed security agencies
  • Site safety officer (builders, developers and general contractors)
  • Shopping mall security guard
  • Security agent for loss prevention
  • Security guard in department stores and retail outlets
  • Security guard in factories, plants or warehouses
  • Security guard in office and commercial buildings
  • Security guard or doorman for high-rise buildings and apartment blocks
  • Security guard in banks and financial institutions
  • Security guard for industrial companies (training includes SMDUT)
  • Security guard for strike or labour dispute sites
  • Hotel security guard
  • Hospital security guard
  • Airport security agent
  • Safety control
  • Search attendant
  • Doorman or bouncer in bars and terraces
  • Bodyguard
  • Escorting people, vehicles or transport
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