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Each of our instructors brings unique know-how and in-depth experience in various areas of safety.

From military infantry to police, event security, close protection, and K-9 specialization, our trainers are seasoned professionals dedicated to passing on their knowledge for your success in the security industry.

Discover their exceptional careers below.

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Available in English and French. Recognized by the BSP and the Ministry of Public Safety. 54 hours and 16 hours of CPR. Easy registration. Flexible day, evening and weekend courses.

Requirements: At least 18 years old with no criminal record

Adam Banon

Dedicated infantry reservist for 5 years, specializing in pioneer assault roles. In addition to my military service, I spent a dynamic 5 years in the security industry, covering a wide range of fields such as events, close protection, clubs and alarm patrol. Currently certified as a personal trainer, I’m on my way to becoming a tactical conditioning specialist, fusing my military precision with fitness expertise.

Gabriel Samson

A trainer and consultant with nearly 25 years’ experience, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and excellent skills in multidisciplinary team management, employee and executive supervision and training, and international logistics. He has worked in various fields, including security, VIP hospitality at Formula One events in over 18 countries, and as an instructor for training and public safety organizations. He has extensive experience in VIP and close protection, as well as several martial arts and security certifications.

Angelo M. Marino

Trained and certified at various North American institutions, Angelo Marino holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Criminal Justice Administration. With a solid and diversified background in the public and private sectors of the security world, Mr. Marino has 34 years’ experience as a close protection specialist, accompanying customers to and from various destinations in Canada, the United States, Central and South America, Europe and Africa.


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