Description of the security guard training offered by the IGS Security Academy

Thank you for considering Academie IGS  for your pathway to becoming a certified security guard in Quebec. Our Security Guard Training Program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and certification required to work in the security industry, not just in Montreal but across Quebec. The course material is designed to guarantee that you are prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the security services sector by meeting and surpassing the legal standards for security guard certification in Quebec.

Backed by years of experience, the IGS Security Academy trains security guards for a fast-moving, fast-growing market.

The IGS Security Academy in Montreal uses skilled instructors who will pass on their knowledge through a method of lecture, followed by question and answer periods, role-playing workshops, and on-the-job observation, in order to train security guards of unrivalled competence.

Intensive, affordable courses at the IGS Security Academy training center. This intensive training program for professional security guards thoroughly explores all aspects of the profession.

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Available in English and French. Recognized by the BSP and the Ministry of Public Safety. 54 hours and 16 hours of CPR. Easy registration. Flexible day, evening and weekend courses.

Requirements: At least 18 years old with no criminal record

Description of the security guard training offered by the IGS Security Academy

  • Understand the history and evolution of the private security industry
  • Understanding legislation and standards of behavior
  • Define the profession and its main tasks
  • Identify the types of jobs available, as well as roles and responsibilities
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills required for professional practice
  • Working with safety equipment
  • Recognize and respond appropriately to emergency situations
  • Providing first aid in the event of accident or illness
  • Legislation and standards of behavior
  • Roles and responsibilities of the security guard
  • Security equipment, access control, security systems and traffic control
  • Practical safety instructions
  • Monitoring rounds and alarm response
  • Communications
  • Public relations
  • Accident, Conflict resolution, Labour dispute, Crowd control
  • Fire, Alarm triggering
  • Breaking and entering, Robbery, Graffiti, Shoplifting
  • Major event – bomb threat
  • Power failure, Flood
  • Health and safety at work

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Basic safety training (54 hours)

*Special limited-time offer

The complete guarding training program consists of 2 modules

Designed to help IGS Security Academy students integrate quickly into the job market at a low cost, this course includes accelerated training.

At the IGS Academy, we give you more for your money.

What the training includes:

Safety module

54-hour theory course (mandatory under the Private Security Act – BSP) including :

Part1 (30 hours)


  • The history of safety
  • The working environment
  • An agent’s equipment and uniform

The functions

  • Protection
  • Customer service
  • Communication and report writing
  • Legislation and standards of behavior

The laws

  • Ethics
  • Legal aspects
  • Part 2 (24 hours) – Emergency procedures


  • Interventions
  • WHMIS 1988-2015

The program also covers technical aspects such as alarm, access, communication and observation systems. The program is designed to meet the needs of people seeking to acquire a qualification for a security guard license in the guarding category. The course details the meaning and content of private security and enables students to acquire the interpersonal and professional skills required for a career as a security guard.

Tactical course – 16 hours (offered separately fromthe safety module)

includes :

  • Handcuffing and body search
  • SEM (extendable stick)

Our commitment to our students at the IGS Security Academy is to provide them with comprehensive security training that will enable them to deal with a wide range of situations in the job market. Having the certifications that allow them to handcuff and use an intermediate weapon like the expandable baton, is part of our integral training.

First aid module

Workplace first aid course – 16 hours (mandatory according to BSP)*.

  • First Aid / Immediate Care
  • First aid
  • Cardio-Secours
  • CPR level A+ (Level C (baby) optional)
  • DEA
  • Anaphylactic care (SA 1.5H)

In order not to charge our students who already have a valid, compliant and equivalent first aid certification, we offer a discount of $104 + tax upon presentation of your certification*.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

Training at the IGS Security Academy is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to become a security guard that security companies and agencies will want to hire.

*(we accept valid, compliant and equivalent certifications prior to the training start date).

Are you looking for a career change?  Are you looking for a job which allows you to work in numerous industries ? Or maybe you want a job to protect people ? Either your reasoning is, IGS Academie offers you this opportunity with our local Montreal Base Security Guard Training Program.

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