Our Mission – Our History

When Isra Guard Security Agency (IGS) began operations in 1990, we recognized the need for an academic training center.

We believed that the operations of a security agency needed to be supported by a solid cornerstone – education – and that’s where theIGS Academy was born.

  • Customized training

  • Anti-terrorism training

  • Customized packages for institutions

  • International security seminars

  • Crisis management advice

  • Corporate safety programs

  • Personal safety workshops

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TheIGS Academy was created to provide theIGS Security Agency with candidates willing to work in the security industry who have solid skills, knowledge and abilities.

For over 20 years, under the supervision of qualified and competent trainers, more than 30,000 students have acquired the knowledge, skills, abilities and flexibility required to graduate, obtain their security agent’s license and successfully enter the security job market as first-rate agents.

TheIGS Academy has always adapted its training to reflect the evolving field of the security industry. So, in 2010, we adapted our training to meet the new criteria of the Private Security Act and make it equivalent to the training provided by school boards, so as to prepare our guarding students for the security environment (the history and development of the private security industry in Quebec, etc.), the duties of a guarding agent (writing reports, etc.), legislation and standards of behavior (use of force reasonably necessary, court appearances, etc.), emergency procedures (fire prevention, crisis management, emergency measures, etc.), and the role of a security guard.), legislation and standards of behavior (use of reasonably necessary force, court appearances, etc.), emergency procedures (fire prevention, crisis management, emergency measures and evacuation plans, occupational health and safety, WHMIS, etc.), first aid (RCAP, etc.).), first aid (CPR / AED, etc.) and tactical training (self-defense, suspect control, handcuffing and baton handling, etc.) that we feel are necessary to perform tasks safely and correctly.

A secure environment and peace of mind are the benefits that come with trained professionals. That’s why we created theIGS Academy.


International Training

Browse our photo gallery of international training courses, including counter-terrorism seminars and customized security training in Côte d’Ivoire, Waswanipi, Cameroon and Florida.

I.G.S. Security Agency and IGS Group Inc.

The IGS Group - IconFounded in February 1991, the IGS Security Agency initially developed close protection and surveillance services for major events. Over time, by developing its know-how and technical innovations, L’Agence IGS has easily integrated protection services for real estate properties such as office towers, condominiums, shopping centers, hospitals and banks.

The initial services were supplemented by alarm response patrols, investigations and safety consulting services. Today, Security Agency IGS and the IGS Group offer a full range of services in the greater Montreal area and throughout the province of Quebec, to government institutions, major real estate companies and financial institutions. Whether for an individual, a small or medium-sized business, or a large corporation, theIGS Security Agency and the IGS Group provide professional security services that meet customer needs.

Our mandate

  • Monitor, detect, prevent, deter, protect.
  • Identify problems resulting from criminal acts and terrorism.
  • Optimize your security or your company’s security in an original and innovative way.
  • Design solutions and make suggestions that specifically meet your company’s requirements and limitations.
  • Create a mechanism for applying these solutions in your company’s day-to-day operations.
  • Cooperate with your company’s employees.
  • Operate discreetly.

The IGS Academy ensures that all IGS security agents are qualified and that their training is updated throughout their career.

At the IGS Group, our aim is to provide high-quality services to individuals and businesses alike.

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