Security Agents

Possible workplace

Agent on Patrol and the IGS security car

The security training at the IGS Academy school allows our students to become security agents or guards. The security agents may work in various sectors within the public or private security including:

  • Security agencies
  • Security agent for construction sites (Builders, developers and general contractors)
  • Security Agent in shopping malls
  • Security Agent for loss prevention
    • Security Agent in superstores or retail outlets
    • Security Agent for factories, plants or warehouses
  • Security Agent for offices and commercial buildings
  • Security Agent or doorman in residential towers and apartment buildings
  • Security Agent in banks and financial institutions
  • Security Agent in industrial companies (Training includes WHIMS)
  • Security Agent for strike or labour dispute locations
  • Security Agent in hotels
  • Security Agent in hospitals
  • Security Agent in airports
    • Security checks and control points
    • Body search
  • Doorman or security in bars and terraces
  • Bodyguarding
  • Escort of persons, vehicles or transportation