Courses and Training

Tactical training is included Separately From the security module as an added value – for Free

Tactical Initiation Course (8 hours – $105 + taxes)

Handcuffing and Bodysearch

The IGS Academy also offers tactical initation courses as an individual module

  • For those who took the course in a School board, or other training academy or school and who would like to get their certifications.
  • For those who already have a security permit and who require their competency cards (security guards).
  • For those who want to renew their certifications.
These courses include a variety of defence, attack and control techniques and tactics. These courses are highly recommended for any person working in a high risk environment and to anyone that is a potential victim of aggression.

The program includes:

Initiation training sessions to weapons and equipments

  • Initation to the Handcuffing and Bodysearch.
  • Initation to the MEB (Monadnock® Extensible Baton).

This will give you competency cards which will able you to buy, own and operate handcuffs and batons for your professional activities.

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