Security agent course : Guarding

Description of the security Guarding course offered at the IGS security Academy

The IGS Security Academy, Security Guarding course presentationBacked by years of experience, The IGS Security Academy provides training for security guards for an evolving and eventful market. The IGS Security Academy of Montreal utilizes proficient trainers who will transmit our knowledge through lectures, followed by periods of questions / answers, workshops, observation and finally a shadowing stages in a workplace enviroment, all these methods to train competent security guards of unparalleled skills. Intensive, you will receive at the IGS Academy training center, security courses at reasonable rates. The Intensive security agent program thoroughly explores all aspects of the trade.

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Basic training for security guarding (70 hours)

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The complete Security Guarding course consists of 2 modules

The training program is designed to promote the rapid integration of the IGS Academy students efficiently in a cost effective manner into the workplace.

At the IGS Academy we give you more for your money

What the training entails:

  • Security Module
    • Theoretical courses 54 Hours (Mandatory in accordance to the Private Security Act) Including:
      • 1st part (30 hours)
        • The field
          • History of the security industry
          • The working environment
          • The uniform and equipment of a  security agent
        • The functions
          • Protection
          • Customer service
          • Communication, drafting and preparing reports
        • The Legislation and the standards of conduct
          • The Laws
          • Professional ethics and deontology
          • The legal and judicial aspects
      • 2nd part (24 hours)
        • Emergency situations procedures
          • Prevention
          • Interventions
          • The WHMIS 1988-2015

In the program, we also cover technical aspects of security such as alarm systems, access control, communication and observation systems. The program is designed to meet the needs of those seeking to gain a qualification in order to apply for permit in the security guarding sector. The course presents in detail the meaning and content of private security field which enables students to acquire interpersonal and professional skills required to access a career as a security guard.

    • Tactical Course – 8 hours (Added Value to the course, free of charge — 0$)


      • Handcuffing and Body-search
      • MEB (Extendables bâton)

The IGS Security Academy institution takes our commitment to the students seriously, in doing so we offer a comprehensive training in security allowing them to deal with many situations on the job market. A good basic course, in handcuffing and in the intermediate weapon the expandable baton (MEB), is part of our comprehensive training and is offered free of charge.

    • Observation and shadowing stage in a working environment – 6 hours minimum (Added Value to the course, free of charge — 0$) if you already have your security agent permit

Arriving for a job interview without relevant work experience is hard. This is why the IGS Security Academy, in collaboration with the IGS Security Agency and its partners, offers you a stage that will allow you to see the daily life of an agent in its environment and its functions. For a minimum of 6 hours, the stage will give you practical experience which should improve your candidacy for employment.

  • 1st aid Module
    • First aid in the workplace course – 16 hours (Mandatory as per the PSA)*.
      • 1st Aid / Immediate care
      • Live-saving technics
      • Heart-Saver
      • CPR Level A+ (Level C (baby) optional)
      • AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
      • Anaphylactic care (SA 1.5H)

In an attempt not to overcharge students that already have a valid and equivalent first aid certification, we offer a reduction of $ 104 + taxes upon presentation of your certification.*

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The knowledge, the skills and abilities

The training at IGS Security Academy institute is designed in order to provide you with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to become a security guard which companies and agencies will want to hire.

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* (we only accept valid up to date certifications, equivalent that were taken prior to the start date of the training.)