Courses and training

Presentation of the courses offered at the IGS Academy

Theory and tactical security training Backed by years of experience in the training of security guards for an ever evolving market, The IGS Academy of Montreal utilizes proficient trainers. We will transmit our knowledge through lectures, periods of questions / answers, workshops, observation and shadowing stages  in the workplace, all these methods to train competent security agents. Intensive, in accord with the needs and the standards of the market and the law, you will receive at the IGS training center, courses at reasonable rates, the Intensive training for professional security agent program thoroughly explores all aspects of the trade, including:

  • The Field

    • The history of security
    • The working environment
    • The uniform and equipment of an agent
  • Functions

    • Protection
    • Customer Service
    • Communication and writing reports
  • Legislation and the standards of conduct

    • The Laws (Criminal code, Charters, Private security Act)
    • The deontology
    • The legal and judicial aspects
  • Emergency situations procedures

    • Prevention
    • Interventions
    • WHMIS

In the program, we also cover technical aspects such as alarm, access, communication and observation systems. The program is designed to meet the needs of those seeking to gain a qualification in order to obtain a permit in the security guarding sector. The course presents in detail the meaning and content of private security field which enables students to acquire interpersonal and professional skills required to acces a career as a security guard.

The knowledge, the skills and abilities

The training at IGS institute is constructed in order to provide you with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to become a security guard which companies and agencies will want to hire.

However, licensing is under the jurisdiction of the Bureau de la sécurité privée, after studying and reviewing the application and subject to its decision. Registration

Security agent complete course

(70 hours – starting from $ 499 $ 295 + taxes) Including 2 modules:

  • The security module
    • Theory — 54 hours
    • Tactical training — 8 hours (Added Value, no charge — Free — 0$)
    • Stage — 6 hours minimum (Added Value, no charge — Free — 0$)
  • The First aid Module
    • First Aid training — 16 hours – CNESST

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Individual Module – Tactical training

(8 hours — 105$ + taxes) The tactical course is offered to the IGS students who are registered in the complete course, as an added value – free of charge, separately from the security module.

You took a course in a school board or another training center that did not have the tactical courses and want to further your training? Want to renew your certification?

The IGS Academy also offers the tactical courses in an individual format. To Know more

Individual Module – 1st Aid

(16 hours — 104$ + taxes) We provide first aid training to our students in individual module or to any other person wishing to improve their skills or renew their certification. 1st aid training — 16 hours – CNESST

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