Occupational outlook

Employment prospects

the path to employment - iconThe graduates of the IGS Academy, through the security guard training program, will be able to work in an extended variety of areas that  make up today’s security industry. In addition to the traditional sectors such as commercial, municipal and security agencies, they may also be called to work in growing sectors such as the pharmaceutical, aircraft manufacturing, finance.

Job Outlook “Job Futures Quebec”  from Service Canada for the category Security Guards and Related Occupations” (2008-2012). Indicator for all of Quebec: Fair.

According to the latest published studies, the field of security is booming. Growth expectations and needs of labour in security are among the occupations currently highest in demand in all of Québec. Source: Information sur le marché du travail en ligne – Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale / Emploi Québec (2009-2013)

Occupational Outlook Emploi-Québec (2011-2015). Diagnosis for all of Quebec: Acceptable

Job Outlook Job From Futures Quebec – Service Canada (2008-2012). Indicator for all of Quebec: Good