The I.G.S. security Academy Inc.

History – Mission Statement

At the time Isra Guard Security (IGS) Agency began its operations in 1990, we recognized the need for an academic training centre. We believed that the operations of a security agency needed to be supported by a strong educational cornerstone, thus started the IGS Academy.

IGS Academy was created in order to provide training for candidates who desired to work in the security industry who have solid skills, knowledge and abilities; a comprehensive syllabus was put together for their benefit, the benefit of the company and its clients. Ultimately whether they were to work for the IGS Group or for security in general (companies, corporation, business organization, government agencies, in the private or public sector, financial institutions, airports, real estate companies, office or apartment towers, condominiums, shopping centers, and hospitals), our graduates exhibit professionalism, competencies and clarity as to what is expected of them and of how they can contribute utmost within the legal framework of the private security industry.

We have always provided our students with the highest level of security education and training.

Since 1991, under the supervision of qualified and certified trainers over 10,000 students have acquired the knowledge and competence in order to obtain their permit and successfully integrate into the security work force.

The IGS Academy has always adapted its training to reflect the evolutive domain of the security industry. In 2010 we again tailored our training to respect the new criteria of the law (the Private security Act): in the environment and field of security (history and development of the private security industry in Quebec, etc.), the functions of a security agent (the writing of reports, …), the process of legislation and standard of conduct (The use of force, court appearances etc.), emergency procedures (fire prevention, crisis management, emergency measures and evacuation plans, health and safety, WHMIS, …), First Aid (CPR/AED, …) as well as a tactical training (self-defence, suspect control, handcuffing and baton handling, …) we think to be necessary to execute your task properly and safely.

A secure environment and peace of mind are the benefits that come along with properly trained professionals. This is why IGS Academy was created.