Security guard

 Job Description

Guard2The Private Security Act described security guarding as namely, watching or protecting persons, property or premises mainly to prevent crime and maintain order. So the functions of an security agent are to monitor, maintain or protect people, property, information, properties (industrial, commercial, public or private) Trhough active detterance, detection and prevention techniques.

Some tasks

  • Security and Surveillance
    • Monitoring the workplace environment.
    • Ensuring compliance with security procedures
    • Examining entry points (doors and windows) to ensure they are locked.
    • Maintaining order and preventing undue agitation, offences or theft of property.
    • Discouraging inappropriate behaviour.
    • Enforcing safety regulations of the establishment.
    • Expelling intruders and loiterers.
    • Writing reports.
  • Access Control
    • Controlling access to a facility or a site manually or remotely electronically as well as the opening and closing of the gates.
    • Controlling access and enforcing regulations relating to the establishment of the internal and external movement of staff, visitors, users and providers, as well as all the regulations.
    • Controlling the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Customer Service
    • Registering visitors, and issuing passes.
    • Directing and informing visitors, customers, suppliers to the appropriate places.
    • Collecting and recording lost and found objects.
  • Prevention
    • Making periodic rounds on foot or in a motor vehicle, inspecting the designated areas of buildings or sites and identifying any abnormalities.
    • Searching and reporting to the competent authorities the dangers of fire, anomalies in the function of systems or interruption of utilities (electricity, heating, ventilation).
    • Responding to emergencies (fire, flood, …)
  • Life saving situation
    • First aid
    • Administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
    • Using an automated external defibrillator (AED).
    • Assisting lost children.
  • Can also perform other tasks depending on the type of institution (checking speed limits, issuing tickets or a contravention, physical control of individuals placed under arrest, escorting people, monitoring detainees, …).