Courses and Training

Basic training security guarding program
(70 hours — starting at $725 $399 + taxes)

The training program is designed to integrate the student efficiently in a cost effective manner into the workplace.

At the IGS Academy we give you more for your money

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The Security Program includes:

The theory course – 54 hours


  • 1st part (3 hours)
    • Field, sites;
    • Functions;
    • Legislation and standards of conduct;
  • 2nd part (24 hours)
    • Emergency procedures and situations;
    • WHMIS

the tactical courses – 8 hours (Added value – Free of charge)

Théorie / Secourisme / Tactique / Stage
Our commitment to the students of the IGS institution is to offer a comprehensive training in security that allows them to deal with many situations on the labour market. Have the certifications that allow them to use handcuffs and intermediate weapons such as the expandable baton (MEB) which are part of our comprehensive training and is offered free of charge. including:

  • Handcuffing and Body search
  • MEB (Extensible Bâton)

Observation stage in a working environment – 6 hours minimum (Added value with no charge – free)

It is hard to arrive for a job interview before the interviewer without relevant work experience. This is why the IGS training center, in collaboration with the IGS security agency and its partners, offer you a stage that will allow you to see the daily life of an agent in its environment and its functions. For a minimum of 6 hours, the stage will give you practical experience which should improve your candidacy for employment.

First aid course – 16 hours

In our attempt not to overcharge our students who already have in hand a valid and equivalent first aid certificate,  we offer a rebate of $104 + taxes upon presentation of the certification.

The Security guard program is given during the day, the evenings or the weekends.
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A new security guard program begins every 2 weeks for day or evening trainings and monthly for weekend training
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