Company Profile

IGS Security Agency inc.

IGS Group - IconFounded in February 1991 the IGS Security Agency first started with VIP services for close protection and the surveillance of important events. Over time, developing it’s expertise and technical innovations,  the Agency easily integrated into it’s services the protection for real estate such as office buildings, condominiums, shopping centers, hospitals and banks.

To the initial services were added patrols, alarm response and security surveillance. Today, The IGS Security Agency offers a complete range of services in the greater Montreal area as well as throughout the province of Quebec, and offers its services to government institutions, major real estate companies as well as financial institutions. Whether for an individual, small or medium enterprise or a large corporation, the IGS Security agency or the IGS Group  provides professional services that always meet the customer’s needs.

Our mandate

  • To Monitor, detect, prevent, deter, protect.
  • Optimize your security and safety of your person or business in an original and innovative manner.
  • Identify problems resulting from crime or terrorism.
  • Design solutions and offer suggestions that cater specifically to the requirements and limitations of your activities and their security needs.
  • Create a mechanism to implement these solutions in the course of the daily operations of your business or life.
  • Cooperate with your employees or partners.
  • Operate discretely and unobtrusively.

The IGS Academy ensures that all present or future IGS Security Agency‘s employees are qualified and  that their training is up to date throughout their careers.

At The IGS Group, our goal is to provide high quality security services for individuals and businesses.