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  • The iconic photo of soldier Patrick Cloutier and protester 'Freddy Kruger' at the 1990 Oka crisis. (SHANEY KOMULAINEN / THE CANADIAN PRESS ARCHIVES)Conflicts resolution

    IGS’s Blog – Tips, News and more for managers and security guards So you’ve passed your Security Guard Training, you now have your permit and started your first job. Like any career however, your training never really stops. Can you answer these questions? Do you know how to Identify and react to behavior that indicates… [Lire la suite]

  • The I.G.S. Academy web site Launch

    October 2012 I.G.S. Academy is proud to communicate with you today to announce the launch of its new website http://academie-igs.com. The site is an information tool and portal which will allow you to see all available training offered by I.G.S. Academy. Our comprehensive training of security agent as well as first aid and tactical courses… [Lire la suite]